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Believe In The Magic Of Blackburn Town Centre

Christina Gabbitas (author), Ursula Hurst (illustrator)
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The story starts with Heidi, a foster mum, who takes her children Peggy and Imtiaz, both aged ten, to Blackburn Museum. Whilst Heidi sits reading, Peggy and Imtiaz explore the museum and find a secret passage in the Egyptian room. The appearance of a gold coin rolling down the passage captures Peggy's attention. They try to catch the coin, but it keeps on rolling, taking them back in time and outside into the town centre of the 1800s. As they pay visits to King Georges Hall, Fire Station Tower, Blackburn College, Blakey Moor, Blackburn Cathedral, the Market and The Mall, they realise that their journey back in time is about bringing magic to the future.The story was Inspired by the spirit of entrepreneur and philanthropist Edward Hart, who had a love of the written word, books and was an avid coin collector.

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