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About Christina Gabbitas

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author, poet, storyteller and voiceover artist, who always loved to read rhyming books and poetry in my early years. She penned some stories that she stored away in a box file twenty years ago, thinking that one day she would do something with them. Welcome to the World of Felicity Fly was born in 2012. The series has taken her into the final of the People's Book Prize 2014-2018, winning Best Achievement Award in May 2019.

Born in Blackburn, Lancashire where she spent the first twenty two years of her life, before moving to various parts of Yorkshire, where she now lives. (passports for both)

Christina is founder and trustee of Children's Literature Festivals charity, her patrons and ambassadors include musician Michael Bradley of The Undertones and Actress Jenny Agutter.

As a child she loved to read anything that rhymed. One of her earliest recollections of fun poetry was Spike Milligan’s Granny and also On The Ning Nang Nong. She loves Spike Milligan’s book Silly Verse For Kids.

She has always had a love of music and used to help the headmaster of her primary school tune the piano. She spent some of her teenage years playing saxophone and percussion with a band and supported a popular indie band at that time called The Chameleons. They played around venues in Lancashire and admits that she did look at little freaky!


Awards & Recognition

The People's Book Prize Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards Honorary Member of NSPCC Council Sue Ryder Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards 2016 2015 WINNER of Dame Beryl Bainbridge First Time Author Award
Christina Gabbitas Book

My Books

In 2012, Welcome To The World Of Felicity Fly was born, followed by Felicity Fly Meets Veronica Vac, Felicity Fly In The Garden, and the latest in the series of the picture, rhyming, read along books, is Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit and Friends.

Felicity Fly Meets Veronica Vac and Felicity Fly Meets The Dragon Fruit both have sing along rhyming songs with them. Audio narration of the stories and songs are available. The series are suitable for age 4-7.

Triangular Trev (age 7+) addresses maths terminology with fun. Triangular Trev meets up with his friends to form a band to enter into the Band idol competition. The book also boats a rhyming song, enabling children to learn not only what the shape looks like but what is standds for. 



Christina has staged snippets of storytelling on various BBC Radio programmes, including BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Radio Sheffield, and interviewed on numerous progrannes across the country, making an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

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In 2013,  Christina introduced a national initaitive encouraging children of all abilities to 'have a go' at writing. This gained support, from the then education secretary and in 2015 received the Dame Beryl Bainbridge First Time Author Award.

Christina's latest rhyming book edition addresses plastic pollution. 'Save Us' is a rescue story about a seal, sea turtle and whale. The book also boats a poem Save Us From Plastic.We are launchinf a national schools Rap Off in September 2019. More details coming soon..

Share Some Secrets, illustrated by Ric Lumb. This book is for children aged five to eight, addressing the difference between good and bad secrets, encouraging children to share their troublesome secrets. The book is available through the NSPCC and in their library.



After writing poetry for the past twenty years, I was encouraged to share some of my work. I have a small collection of poems and I write bespoke poetry on any topic for any occasion.

Nutty Nonsense by Colin West

Nutty Nonsense by Colin West

A few words from Colin West..

When I learned of Christina's charity, Children's Literature Festivals , I was very happy to help by compiling a book of my most popular poems and adding new illustrations. Some of my most treasured memories are of the letters or emails I've recieved over the years from children who have told me that my books have helped them to enjoy reading. One or two have become successful writers themselves!

To hear authors perfomring their work is something a child will always remember, and the writers Christina gathers for events are truly inspiring.

To reach lots of children and to show them the fun that books can bring can only be a good thing. Long may Children's Literature Festivals thrive!

All proceeds from book sales are donated to the charity. 1182143 England & Wales

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