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Keeping children safe in our community.

As parents, carers and professionals we have a duty of care to ensure we keep children safe.

Share Some Secrets is a great story about a little girl who was brave enough to tell her brother, who encouraged her to tell her teacher. The voice of the child is powerful and we need to give children confidence in self-expression and self-reporting. When children feel safe and listened to they are more likely to, open up and talk.

We know children are groomed, abused and exploited by trusted children and adults in their lives, and we must pick up children’s cues in their mood, body language, expression, schoolwork and behaviour.

Please seek help if:

You are worried about a child you know either personally, locally or professionally. Please seek support and advice by calling the confidential NSPPC helpline on 0808 800 500 or email

You have been affected by the story please seek support and advice via the NSPCC helpline.

You know a child or adult and you are worried about their inappropriate behaviour or believe they pose a risk to children. Please seek advice and support via the NSPCC helpline at

You know an adult or teenager that’s attracted to children. You can contact the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Ann Marie Christian is a Safeguarding Consultant and is my advisor on child protection and safeguarding matters. She is an accredited NSPCC child protection trainer and author.